Ty Ty Nursery

Based in the town of Ty Ty, Georgia, Ty Ty Nursery offers a variety of trees, vines, flowering bulbs, shrubs, and hedges, sold both at the nursery proper and through their Internet storefront. In business since 1978, Ty Ty Nursery prides itself on its commitment to customer satisfaction, with each of its plants inspected and certified as healthy by the US Department of Agriculture before sale. To encourage consumer confidence, Ty Ty Nursery offers a guarantee that if a plant does not grow within a growing season after planting, the company will replace the plant in person or by mail. In order to safely ship young deciduous plants, Ty Ty Nursery wraps the plant’s root system in plastic with a protective gel called Terra-Sorb. Plants sold by Ty Ty Nursery are expected to survive for 30 days under normal shipping conditions, and the nursery recommends that recipients plant their items as soon as possible after receipt. A typical order from Ty Ty Nursery arrives in 7 to 10 days, but may take as long as two weeks in the nursery’s busy bare-root shipping season between December and April. While Ty Ty Nursery recommends that deciduous plants be placed in the ground during the dormant period of winter, some plants sold by the nursery, such as bamboo, shrubs, and palms, can be planted year-round.

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